Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Fun

Anna wearing brothers old hat holding her "kitty" that she carries with her everywhere.

Anna eating daddy's home made hummus. YUMM

Anna wearing mommy's shoes! How cute is she:)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Painting Fun!

Anna's first masterpiece:) Mostly on her face!
Anna's favorite attention getting scheme, climb on top of the table.
Throwing a fit, but she is still so CUTE!

Fun at the World Wild life Zoo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Cuties

New bunk bed that Daddy and Grandpa made! Isaac LOVES it!
Yummy nuggets cute barrett!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

It did not take long for this Hawkeye cheerleader to figure out what to do!!! She walked up to the door and put her candy in her bucket:) LOVE the belly!!
TIRED BABY!!! this is her reaction when mommy went in to the house for a minute.
Happy Family!
Isaac in his batman PJ's he chose to wear at the last minute:)
Thanks Grandma Netty and Aunt Bonnie for trick or treating with me and thanks Grandma Deb for the Halloween costumes!

Halloween Practice!

Anna wearing part of what was supposed to be Isaac's costume this year. It was actually daddy's when he was Isaac's age. Isaac decided last minute to be batman, but we still got some good pics of daddy's costume:)

Camden Turns One!!!

The little boy I watch had a birthday party while Grandma Netty was here. Here is everyone playing!!

Camden is one strong 1 year old:)
Camden finally asserting himself and taking his new toy back!

Grandma Netty Comes to Arizona!!!!

Above: Grandma Netty got Isaac his very own piggy bank, so here he is super excitedly transferring all his money from his tootsie roll bank to a real piggy bank!

Below: We went to the Sea Life Aquaruim for the first time. Anna and Isaac LOVED it, we could only take so many pictures with flash the rest didn't turn out as well. here is a sampling.

Anna was actually more brave than Isaac in the 'let's touch and feel sea animals' section. But everyone did it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun with the harris's

A couple of weekends ago we went up to Winslow for Fall break to spend some time with our good friends. Above is Anna FINALLY being able to sit facing forward in the car!!! We've been waiting for her to hit 20 pounds and she finally did:)
It is a 3 hour trip, both kiddos conked out:)

One day we all drove to a stream near some camping sites and played in the stream, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and collected fall items. Above is Anna and Sam LOVING the water.

Kids enjoying their hard earned cooked hotdogs.
Me, anna and Jack
Mommy and Daddy and Anna...Isaac is running around somewhere:)
The big kids! Natalie, Jack and Isaac.
Our new invention: Smores with Chocoloate chips!!! They were AMAZING. We opened up a warm marshmallow dropped a few chips in and everything was perfectly melted and yummy!
When we got home the kids made centerpieces with all their Fall treasures.
What fun!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

September in Video

In the first video Isaac is becoming a master craftsman! He is better at hammering than me (not hard to do:) The next two are of Anna, the one with her walking was at the beginning of the month she can walk much quicker now. Her dress is tucked in on purpose so she could climb the equipment better. The bottom one is anna learning to eat with a spoon.

More September in Video

Anna is such a cliber, here she climbed on the coffee table and decided to give it some raspberries?!?!? The next one is of her saying bye bye and practicing her eating skills. the last one is Isaac taking his turn getting videoed He wanted to sing for everyone.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Splash pad Fun

One of our friends got Isaac this awesome splash pad for his b-day! Of course they both LOVE it:)